Psycho Killer Bloodbath

Psycho Killer Bloodbath (DVD)

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An evening of celebration turns into a fight for life when psycho killers escape from an institute for the criminally insane.
Product Description
Two stories collide as a small town in Texas comes under siege by an army of psychotic murderers. First, in the maximum detention wing of the Russell Institute for the Criminally Insane, two women - a young doctor and a veteran nurse - face unspeakable horror as the inmates who have been incarcerated there escape and embark upon a rampage of violence. Subjected to brutal violation, these trapped women must summon the strength to survive and escape the maniac bloodbath. Outside the facility, young college students are targeted as they party at an abandoned house in the middle of an isolated forest. An evening of celebration turns into a fight for life against the murderous rampage of one of the lunatics.

CastJustin Arnold
Nadia Awwad
Carly Bush
Collin Cantrell
Mallory Carrick
Steven Chambers
Todd Graham
Cody Heitman
David Horn
Dustin Jacobson
Michael Keeney
Dani Lowe
Sofia Mendez
Elle O'Neal
George H. Russell
Anna Elisabeth Taylor
Luis Torres
Megan Vernor
David Zuniga
DirectorCarlo Rodriguez
WriterCarlo Rodriguez
StudioGothic Films
Copyright Year2011
CountryUnited States (US)
MPAA RatingNot Rated (Age Restricted)
Special FeaturesDolby Stereo
Run Time95 Minutes